STRING launches its Annual Report 2015
Last year, STRING produced its first Annual Report, introducing a set of basic indicators for the entire STRING region in fields of economic performance, green growth and integration. We have now launched our first follow-up to this report, looking into how STRING has developed and performed over the last year.

One of STRINGs tasks is to tell the story about our part of the world, how we develop as a society, how we performs in economic terms, and how we actively work to create a green and sustainable region.

This was set out in the 2014 Annual Report, measuring our regional situation on the basis of such themes. A set of indicators was developed, many of which are dependent on a larger global picture than just the going-ons of the specific STRING region; but never the less, they can act as a compass as to how we ought to develop.

The first follow up to this report has now been produced, measuring the progress made in the last year, as well as outlining the activities and initiatives carried out by STRING in this time period. This is becoming increasingly important, as we are on the brink of a new era of real change in Northern Europe, brought through the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link.

The 2014 report produced a broad overview of the economic situation and sustainability in our region. This year, the focus is sharpened, and only reports on additional progress, in order to build on the results presented last September.