Expert panel to advise on the development in the Hamburg-Öresund Region
The Fehmarn Belt Link: The political cooperation organisation STRING has established a panel of experts, which will follow the political and practical work of developing and creating growth in the corridor between the two growth engines Hamburg and Copenhagen-Malmö. The panel has been set up in Copenhagen today.

Copenhagen, 4 April 2014: An international panel of experts from research and industry will now follow the political and practical work of developing the region between Hamburg and the region around Copenhagen-Malmö.

The panel was formally set up in Copenhagen on the 4th of April.

- The establishment of the fixed Fehmarn Belt Link and the associated upgrades of the German and Danish infrastructure is a so-called game-changer, which will greatly improve the growth conditions for the companies. It will create greater mobility and thus opportunities for the 8.5 million inhabitants in the corridor between Hamburg and the Öresund Region, says professor at Copenhagen University, Christian Wichmann Matthiesen, who is the chair of the expert panel.

- The area between Hamburg-Öresund has many untapped potentials for cooperation and economic growth. It is very positive that the politicians in the entire corridor have already started to make plans and set specific objectives for a cross-border cooperation - and the direction in which the new region must develop under the changed conditions, says Wichmann Matthiessen.

Focus on sustainability

The advisory panel of experts consists of both researchers and industrialists, who have special knowledge of sustainability and green economy - issues that are also very important to the politicians in STRING:

- We want to create a green growth corridor and would like to be a good example of how economic growth and a focus on sustainability and green innovation can go hand in hand. We have some knowledge benefits within the green conversion both in northern Germany, Denmark and Sweden, which together can form the basis for the development and export to the rest of the world, says the Chair of STRING and Minister for European Affairs, Justice and Culture in Schleswig-Holstein, Anke Spoorendonk.

- We look forward to discussing the ideas and suggestions by the experts in the new advisory board, stresses the Minister.

STRING is working to develop a new transport corridor between Hamburg and the Öresund Region. The organisation is a political cooperation between Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, the Capital Region of Denmark, Region Zealand and the City of Copenhagen in Denmark, as well as Region Skåne in Sweden.

The advisory panel of experts consists of:

Christian Wichmann Matthiessen
University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Jörg Knieling
HafenCity University
Hamburg, Germany

Fredrik NG Andersson
Lund University School of Economics
and Management
Lund, Sweden

Monica Scholfield
Director, International Cooperation &
EU,TuTech Innovation
Hamburg, Germany

Max Schön
Entrepreneur Lübeck, and CEO of 2 Degrees
German CEOs for Climate Protection
Lübeck, Germany

Henrik Rosenberg Seiding
Managing Director
Copenhagen, Denmark

Mattias Örtenvik
Group Manager Sustainable Cities
EON Sweden
Malmö, Sweden 

Klaus Rave
Previous Director
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Simon Anholt
Independent policy advisor