STRING is a political cross-border partnership between the City of Oslo, Akershus County and Østfold County in Norway, Region Halland, Region Västra Götaland, Region Skåne and the City of Malmö in Sweden, the City of Copenhagen, the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand in Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein and the City of Hamburg and in Germany. STRING is therefore made up by its 11 partner organisations, who all participate at meetings and at different level working groups to set and deliver a common agenda for the region.

STRING has four levels of organisational structure.

1) The Political Forum, meeting twice a year, is the highest level of the STRING cooperation.

The chairmanship (chairman and vice chairman) is the operational political level that initiates the political agenda of STRING between the political forums and as suggestions to the forums.

2) The Steering Group consist of high level representatives at a directors level from the partner regions;  with the Öresund Committee, Region South Denmark and the Femern Belt Committee as observers.

The Steering Group decides the overall operations of STRING by suggestions from the Managing Directors. The Steering Group meet four times a year.

3) The Contact Group consists of the civil servants appointed  as STRING contacts by the partners. The Contact Group meets  monthly, and discusses issues to be lifted to the Steering Group.

4) The secretariat consists of three staff members and the Managing Director. The secretariat forms the permanent organisation responsible for the daily maintenance of the operation, as well as implementing any political decisions.

The organisation has its headquarters at Region Zealand, which is also the legal body for STRING.