Copenhagen takes on the STRING Chairmanship 2014
On the first of October 2014, the City of Copenhagen took over the Chairmanship of STRING, with Henrik Appel, member of City Council at the City of Copenhagen, at the helm. Copenhagen takes over after the German region of Schleswig-Holstein, who has focused its Chairmanship, led by Anke Spoorendonk, Minister of Justice, Culture and European Affairs for Schleswig-Holstein, on the sustainable development of the regions infrastructure as well as business and culture. This is also an area of focus which will be followed by the Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen.
Photo:Jens Dresling

Picture: Politiken

It was during the STRING conference, Region in Motion on the first of October during the Fehmarnbelt Days 2014 that the City of Copenhagen took on the Chairmanship of STRING earlier today. This is part of a rotation, where the Chairmanship annually alternates between the partners. The Political Forum is the orgnisations highest political instance.

Henrik Appel follows on from Anke Spoorendonk, who is the Minister of Justice, Culture and European Affairs in the coalition government of Schleswig- Holstein and the Chair of the Danish minority party, SSW.

-It has been an eventful year as Chair of STRING. I am very pleased that we, through the development of the Eco-Friendly Highway project, will move green growth in the STRING region forward. It has also been important to me to develop our cultural cooperation, as it is important to reach people's hearts as well. That is what I am very excited to see the results of the STRING short film competition 'Tales of a Region', which will start soon, says Anke Spoorendonk.

Highly prioritised for Copenhagen

Infrastructure development and green growth will remain high on the agenda under the Chairmanship of the City of Copenhagen, stresses the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen.

-As the Lord Mayor, I work towards assuring that the new fixed link creates jobs and growth for the Copenhageners. If we can reduce the travelling the between Hamburg and Copenhagen to 2, 5 hours, it would really strengthen business and give tourism a boost. This requires more and faster investments on the German side, and this is one of the things that Copenhagen will focus on during our Chairmanship, he says.

The new Chair of STRING, Henrik Appel, adds:

-We want to continue the exemplary work undertaken by Schleswig-Holstein, stresses Henrik Appel.

-An efficient infrastructure system with frequent and quick connections between the metropolises and regional connections with an excellent service are key to the joint development of the STRING region as a green growth region. We will also prioritise the further work on the 'Eco-Friendly Highway' project. With its focus on sustainability and ambition to create a corridor where it is possible to operate vehicles on alternative fuels in the entire stretch between Öresund and Hamburg, this project is an important contribution to our green transition and new ways of considering growth, he says.

-I also intend to continue the work we are doing on getting rid of cross-border barriers between our countries. We will focus on culture, education and scientific cooperation, as well as supporting business and research networks across borders, Appel concludes.