Region Skåne takes over chairmanship of STRING
At STRING’s Political Forum, held in Malmö on 30 September, the City of Copenhagen handed over the chairmanship of STRING to Region Skåne. Henrik Appel of the City of Copenhagen stepped down following an eventful year, and Mätta Ivarsson of Region Skåne defined new focus areas.

Region Skåne is delighted to take over the presidency, and will focus on three main areas, said new STRING president Mätta Ivarsson, who chairs the Committee for Regional Development at Region Scania. Scania's focus will be on infrastructure, culture and research in regard to materials research.

Mätta Ivarsson speaks about Skåne's STRING presidency:
- By actively participating in the STRING partnership, we can strengthen the roles of Region Skåne and STRING at both national and European levels. As president, Region Scania will continue to develop cooperation on matters such as infrastructure, culture and the region's research infrastructure."



 Henrik Appel and Mätta Ivarsson

Copenhagen steps down

Looking back over Copenhagen's STRING presidency, four events were of great importance, according to departing president Henrik Appel, a member of the City of Copenhagen Municipal Council.

- The absolute high point of the period was the trilateral Parliamentary Evening in Berlin, organised jointly by STRING and the Danish Embassy in March, he said. Ministers and politicians from Germany, Denmark and Sweden sent a clear, shared message: The soon-to-be permanent link across the Fehmarn Belt is not just about infrastructure. It's about visions, sustainable growth, jobs and European cooperation. And both the German and Danish governments emphasised here that they are still a hundred per cent behind the project, he pointed out.

Shortly after this, at the end of April, the Danish Parliament adopted the Construction Act, thus creating the Danish legal basis for the project. It happened, even if the arbitration parties are still awaiting a final budget for the construction works following the developer's budget renegotiations with building consortiums - and despite the fact that the German authorisation permit requires planning changes.

- Although the tunnel link has been delayed, we must still work to expand the infrastructure in the region, said Appel. He went on to conclude: - And we must work on bringing the people in the STRING region between the two growth metropolises of Copenhagen and Hamburg closer together.