Privacy Policy
Your personal privacy and the protection of your personal data is important to STRING. Our goal is to comply with rules for the protection of personal information that are in effect at any given time. The intent of our Privacy Policy is to inform you about how we collect, process and share your personal data.

Personal data pertains to all sorts of information that in one way or another can be connected to your person. This could be your name or e-mail address.

1. How we process your personal data


1.1 When you subscribe to our newsletter

When you register with our subscription service for newsletters, we process personal data relating to you.


1.2 What personal data is processed when I register to receive our newsletter?
Your name, e-mail address and information about which newsletters you have read and what links you have clicked on.


1.3 How is my personal data collected?
We receive personal data directly from you when you register as a subscriber to our newsletter and when you read the newsletter. 


2. Why do we process your personal data?
Your personal data is processed to manage your subscription to the newsletter. When your personal data is processed to manage your subscription, this is done so that we can do what we promised when you became a subscriber (that is, to fulfill our agreement). Accordingly, we require your data to be able to send the newsletter to you. 

In addition, data is processed regarding which newsletters you have read and what links in the newsletter you clicked on to enable us to follow up and improve our content. When we process your data to improve our newsletter, this is done with the support of so-called legitimate interests. 


3. How long is your information stored?
Your information is stored only as long as you are a subscriber of our newsletter. You can choose to unsubscribe the newsletter at any time using the links in the e-mail or by contacting us directly - find our contact information here. If you choose to unsubscribe, all of your information will be erased. 


4. Sharing personal data with 3rd parties
Your personal data is also processed by suppliers who conduct services (process) on our behalf:


4.1 Mailchimp
Mailchimp is the platform we use for distribution of newsletters. Mailchimp is a 3rd party data processor who are EU-U.S. Privacy Shield certified.
Read more about Mailchimp's Privacy Policy here


 4.2 AddThis

Our webpage uses 3rd party cookies for social media sharing. AddThis is supported by an Oracle Cloud solution wich is EU-U.S Privacy Shield certified.

If you use AddThis' service, you will use the following cookies:

"__atuvc": Updates the counter on the social media sharing plugins.

"__atuvs": Makes sure the users sees the updated counter if they share a site via the social media plugins.

"di2": Anonymously tracks user behaviour on the websites that allow you to share pages on social media using the AddThis tool. 2 years.

"loc": Used to help publishers know approximately where people sharing information are located. (State level). Duration: 2 years.

"ssc": Recording user sharing and social activity. Duration: 2 years.

"uid": Unique machine-generated user ID. Enables the user to share content across multiple platforms and generates detailed statistics to different providers. Duration: 2 years.

"um": Registers the user's sharing of content via social media. 2 years.

"uvc": Registers how often the same user is encountered. Duration: 2 years.

"vc": Anonymously tracks user behaviour on the websites that allow you to share pages on social media using the AddThis tool. 2 years.

"xtc": Registers the users sharing of content through social media. Duration: 2 years.


4.3 Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to optimize the content and flow of our website for your benefit at a user. Google Analytics collects data from the cookie "analytics.js". No personal data is collected, only data of your devices' IP address (location) and which pages you have visited during a session. You can always opt out of Google Analytics here . Google is a 3rd Country Processor with a EU-U.S. Privacy Shield certification and ISO 27001 certified.


5. How can I access, correct or erase the data you hold about me?
If you choose to unsubscribe our newsletter, all of your information will be erased. For erasing cookies, we will advise you to erase your cookies, if you so wish, on your own device according to which search engine you are using e.g. Google Chrome    Firefox  or Safari

If you have any queries of concerns regarding our use of your personal data, please get in touch to us by email or telephone - find a complete list of employees here