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German TV: the Danes can handle large projects

And so the fixed link under the Fehmarnbelt has reached the German news agenda. A segment on the Fehmarnbelt project was shown by the German public TV service (ZDF) during prime-time, on the news show ‘Heute Journal’ on the 5th of August.

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Folkemødet 2014 on Bornholm – ’’STRING Tourism 3.0’’ inspires lively debate

STRING initiated a debate on ‘’Tourism in STRING – from politics to action’’ during this years political festival on the island of Bornholm, Folkemødet, where there was a lively debate on the tourism development in the STRING region. Prior to the debate, the scene on regional tourism between Hamburg, Copenhagen and Skåne in light of the fixed link was set by the Director of the Centre for Regional and Tourism Research on Bornholm (CRT Bornholm), Lene Feldthus Andersen

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Fixed link to kick-start regional economy

The establishment of the fixed link under the Fehmarn belt will play a pivotal role for the local communities around the construction sites in Danish Rødby and German Puttgarden. Thousands of new jobs and a procurement system including social awareness will ensure the education of young labourers. The construction can help both Region Zealand and Schleswig-Holstein quicker to recover from the recession, says minister.

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Increasing mobility across borders

One of the five prioritized areas in the STRING 2030 strategy is ”Barriers for cross border cooperation”. STRINGs role in this is that we will build on and cooperate with the cross border organizations that are already working intensely in this field: the Öresund Committee, the Fehmarnbelt Committee and Region Sønderjylland-Schleswig.

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Green STRING Corridor

STRING has been the catalyst in initiating the now approved Interreg IVA project, Green STRING Corridor. The project was launched in December 2011, scheduled to run for three years.

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The Fehmarnbelt Region: Releasing the potential of one of Europe’s most attractive growth destinations

The Fehmarnbelt region has a rich and diverse touristic product that holds the potential to be one of Europe’s most attractive growth destinations for both leisure and business tourism.

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From Öresund to Hamburg in 2,5 hours

The five partners of the STRING cooperation aim to coordinate their efforts to assure that the large-scale infrastructure investments in the region are utilised in the best way possible. As such, STRING has commissioned two high-level infrastructure reports examining the status of the high-speed networks in Northern Europe and bottlenecks in the infrastructure between Scandinavia and Central Europe – and proposed a number of recommendations

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STRING support for regional German railway requirements

The STRING partners in Denmark and Sweden support demands from the state governments in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg on the federal government in Berlin for a significant upgrade of the railway infrastructure on the German side of the Fehmarn Belt. This is one of the results from a political meeting in Kiel between the STRING politicians and the government as well as parliament members in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

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Train from Copenhagen to Hamburg in 2,5 hours

The STRING cooperation highlights its strong political demand for a more coordinated planning around future rail services between the Copenhagen-Malmö region and Hamburg to start as early as next year. This will ensure that the railway system is ready in time for the opening of the fixed Fehmarnbelt link in 2021.

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Political conference at a crucial time

This autumn, the Danish Minister for Transport will present the Construction Act proposal for the Fehmarnbelt fixed link to the Danish Parliament. The proposal is expected to be adopted in the spring of 2015. The decision will have immense implications and value for the STRING Region over the next decades. The STRING-organised Fehmarnbelt Days Political Conference "Green Growth – Region in Motion" on 1 October 2014 could not take place at a more crucial time.