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Swedish border control jeopardises mobility in STRING corridor

New ID check to begin from December 21st. Travel time by train between Copenhagen and Malmö to be delayed from 35 to 75 minutes and will highly affect daily 31,100 train travellers, especially 8,600 commuters.

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Schleswig-Holstein and Region Zealand agree on closer cooperation

Minister-President of Schleswig-Holstein, Torsten Albig, and Chairman of the council for Region Zealand, Jens Stenbæk, have just signed a Joint Action Plan for Regional Cooperation 2016/2017. There is a continued strong focus on the STRING cooperation.

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Hamburg Olympics is a no-go

The inhabitants of Hamburg have rejected the idea of hosting an Olympics in their city - as a majority voted no to the city hosting the summer Olympics 2024 in a recent public poll. Copenhagen’s Lord Mayor is both disappointed and critical.

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Cross-border education benefits Integration

There should be less competition and more cross-border collaboration between educational institutions. Furthermore, there is a shortage of cross-border internships, says a former German student in Denmark. There are still many barriers for students, not only between EU countries, but also between the EU and non-EU countries, she believes.

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Support for Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link at business forum in Copenhagen

Hamburg and Copenhagen are dependent on the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link: This was the clear message from Hamburgs First Mayor Olaf Scholz and Copenhagens Lord Mayor Frank Jensen at the Hamburg Copenhagen Business Forum in Copenhagen November 2nd.

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Copenhagen and Malmö set focus on sustainable growth

Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmö in Sweden are co-hosting the summit for major European cities, representing 25 per cent of the European population. Eurocities 2015 sets the focus on initiatives for quality of life, sustainable growth and innovation. The aim is to meet COP21 in December in Paris with a united voice. More than 400 politicians, experts, NGOs and representatives from EU are gathered in Copenhagen and Malmo the 4th-6th November 2015 to discuss how cities can create sustainable solutions to enhance livability.

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Oresund Rally for the win!

The Oresund Electric Car Rally was held for the fifth year in a row on the 19th-20th of September 2015 and the interest for the rally was bigger than ever.

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The tunnel will come – but we need cross-border green development now

A German businessman with a green profile talks about the challenges in the wake of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link that should be tackled today rather than tomorrow.

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German regulatory approval of four-lane motorway to the Fehmarnbelt tunnel

Schleswig-Holstein issues a regulatory approval milestone for the Fehmarnbelt link: the upgrade to a four lane motorway of the main road from Heiligenhafen to the ferry port in Puttgarden and the tunnel.

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Further delay of Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link causes heightened political activity

On the 20th of august Reinhard Meyer, Minister of Transport for Schleswig-Holstein, briefed his Danish colleague, Hans Christian Schmidt, on the delay of the German authority process due to objections that can influence the construction plans and thereby the opening date of the tunnel.

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