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Dare to be creative!

Let us gaze into the crystal ball: the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link will have a positive effect on business development along the entire STRING corridor. Whether or not the region, stretching from Hamburg to Copenhagen and Malmö, will be restricted to the metropolises will depend on businesses and politicians. Lolland and East Holstein can be real winners, however, provided that there is the political will. This is the message from the Chairman of STRING, Henrik Appel.

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Eight great ideas – three winners

Until May 10, young film talents aged between 18 and 25 and living in the STRING-region had the opportunity to submit ideas or a synopsis for a short film telling a story from within the region. Eight teams and individuals took part in the competition. Now the winners have been announced.

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Fehmarnbelt tunnel enters decisive phase

The size of the EU contribution for the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel of 589 million Euro has just been announced by the EU Commission: A lower sum than the Danish Parliament expected, that is to be finally confirmed July 10th. New Danish Minister of Transport, Hans Christian Schmidt, has called for a meeting of the parties behind the political settlement concerning the tunnel. Meanwhile, Femern A/S is still negotiating with the construction consortia to lower the price and the German authority approval has also entered a new phase.

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Sweden and Norway on-board for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel

With the EU to finally confirm the level of financial support for the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link on July 10th, the Swedish and Norwegian Transport Ministers are united in their strong support for this massive infrastructure project. The agreement stems from a common desire to create closer ties between northern Europe and the Continent – which both Ministers believe is the basis for growth, business, improved transport and integration. The Swedish Transport Minister sees a clear need for the EU to support and prioritise the project.

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Partners show concern about the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link

The political Danish-Swedish-German regional cooperative organisation STRING held a political meeting in Malmö on the 30th of September. Here, the political leaders voiced their concerns over the foreseen delays in the Fehmarn Belt project. In a joint statement, they urge the German and Danish governments and parliaments to work for a construction start as soon as laws and regulations allows.

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Northern visits from an EU Coordinator

Coordinator for the Scandinavian-Mediterranean TEN-T core Network Corridor, Mr. Pat Cox, has had quite a few visits in the “northern end” of the corridor this spring, counting amongst others Helsinki, Malmö and even Sorø.

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Danish Parliament passes Fehmarn Link by 92-8

The STRING cooperation are very pleased that the Danish parliament has today adopted the Danish construction act concerning the Fehmarn Belt Link, as well as the associated land facilities on the Danish side. A clear majority voted in favour of the large-scale infrastructure project.

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