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North Germans mostly positive or neutral towards the Fehmarnbelt Connection - only 14 percent are against

43 percent of the inhabitants of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein remain neutral regarding the construction of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, 34 percent are positive, while 14 percent are negative, according to a survey for STRING by research company YouGov. The survey was conducted before the latest announcement of a further delay of the German approval process.

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German minister announces further Fehmarn delay

The Fehmarnbelt construction project is to be postponed again. This became apparent when the new Danish Transport Minister Ole Birk Olesen met with Schleswig-Holstein’s Transport Minister Reinhard Meyer in Kiel on 12 December.

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Trade and tourism will benefit from the fixed link across Fehmarnbelt says Swedes, Danes and Germans

The economic arguments for the Fixed Link appear to be accepted by a majority of the people in Skåne, Zealand and North Germany, but with some differences.

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Great concern about the environment:

Survey shows a majority think the environment will be affected “to some extend” or more.

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Making GREAT progress

GREAT, the STRING initiated EU project, is making GREAT progress. The project connects Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmö, Oslo and Stockholm by building a green corridor with alternative fuel infrastructure. The aim is to lower thresholds and help speed up the shift to alternative fuel vehicles and a fossil free transport sector.

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2.5 hours by train between Copenhagen and Hamburg is a closer reality

On 2 December, The German Bundestag has adopted a total of three building laws for the construction and upgrading of roads, railways and waterways which are gathered in the Federal Infrastructure Plan 2030. With this plan, the German rail connection to the upcoming Fehmnarbelt Tunnel has been given priority status. Whether there will be a speed of 200 km/h on the whole route, or only on the newly built part of the line, is now to be investigated further.

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German Bundestag gives go-ahead for train speed of 200 km/h for Fehmarnbelt Link

German Bundestag’s Finance Committee gave the green light for the establishment of high-speed railway line between Bad Schwartau and the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel. The project received additional funding of 109 million €, funded entirely by the Federal Government.

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German Greens in dispute over the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link

The Greens in Schleswig-Holstein will no longer block major infrastructure projects in the State. Political scientist identifies election strategy behind the shift.

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The Fehmarnbelt corridor for the people

The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel needs the ownership of the public in order to harvest the full potential as a strong economy based on green growth.

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Hamburg-Copenhagen to become globally competitive megacity

Joint opinion piece by Steen Bach Nielsen, member of the Regional Council, Region Zealand and Chair of STRING & Wolfgang Schmidt, State Councilor, Hamburg City.

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