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Seminar with the European Commission

8th of April in Stockholm: Connectivity in Scandinavian and Northern European infrastructure

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Cooperation across borders is strong

A joint statement from Mätta Ivarsson, Chair of the Regional Development committee of Region Skåne and Chair of STRING and Jens Stenbæk, Council Chair of Region Zealand and vice chair of STRING.

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Swedish and Danish ID control afflicts commuters the most

While Danish control at German border so far has been random testing, the Swedish border control means a significant expansion of the travel time of between 10 and 50 minutes in the Öresund Region/ Greater Copenhagen.

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Third Fehmarnbelt Days in Hamburg 20th-22nd September

For the third time running and over three days, the Fehmarnbelt Days 2016 provide a unique platform for stakeholders from all over the emerging Fehmarnbelt Region to meet.

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