Green Growth is a priority
The five partners in STRING, Region Skåne in Sweden, Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand in Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg in Germany, have agreed on a vision and a set of strategies, that all address both the need for growth and economic development as well as green thinking and climate and environmental considerations while developing your societies.

It has to be green

In all the partner regions different initiatives are on-going that addresses green growth; be it reduction in Green House Gasses by 30 % in 2020 compared to 1990 (Skåne), biogas in all city busses (Skåne) or climate friendly public procurement by 2025 (Capital region). Some of the other numerous targets and initiatives that are part of the politics and ambitions in the five partner regions include a target of 25 % of public sector cars being electrical or equivalent in 2015 (Capital region) , a lessening of  20, 40 and 80 % of CO2 emissions in Hamburg by 2012, 2020 and 2050 respectively, REEEZ - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Zealand, energy saving projects in public buildings in Region Zealand, and a Green Committee consisting of representatives from the  public and private sector (Zealand). 

STRING has a vision stating that the STRING region will be the driver behind a North European green growth corridor consisting of the STRING region in a functional partnership with our neighboring regions. In order to claim that the STRING politicians have decided to start a project, the first step is to analyze the ongoing initiatives, and map the existing politics of the five partners in order to be able to develop the common green growth ambition further.

An expert group with representatives from the STRING partners have over the past few years developed a strategy for green growth in the STRING region to meet the vision stated above, containing targets and concrete profile projects to implement the strategy. The strategy is now in its implementation phase and in the start up of some of the projects suggested in the strategy.

Please click HERE to read the STRING Green Growth Strategy