Green STRING Corridor


STRING has been the catalyst in initiating the now approved Interreg IVA project, Green STRING Corridor. The project was launched in December 2011, scheduled to run for three years.


Green STRING Corridor is financed by the Interreg IVA Öresund Programme, and brings together 12 partners from the Öresund region. The objective of the Green STRING Corridor is to promote and highlight the potential of innovative transport and logistics solutions for promoting a green transport corridor between the Öresund Region and Hamburg.

The project will identify the conditions and challenges that a green corridor, based on more efficient and co-modal transport solutions, sets for:

• Companies distribution and logistics strategies.

• Cross-border planning among public authorities at a local, regional and national level in the STRING corridor.

The aim of the project is to facilitate cooperation between business, research institutions and public authorities in the STRING Corridor. This will focus on developing innovative and efficient transport and logistics solutions, capitalising on the benefits of the coming fixed Fehmarn Belt connection.