Helsingborg joins the STRING megaregion


As of monday june 6th, the swedish city of Helsingborg becomes part of the STRING megaregion. Helsingborg joins the existing membergroup of 13 cities and regions across the borders of Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway to increase connectivity, accelerate the green transition and create a clean, green economy for the future.


With its 150.000 inhabitants, Helsingborg is the eighth largest city in Sweden and it has been growing rapidly both in terms
of inhabitants and business development. Its geographical location and political priorities makes it a natural candidate for
STRING membership. The port of Helsingborg is the second largest container port in Sweden as well as the second largest
for passengers travelling on ferries. The intense ferry traffic between Helsingborg in Sweden and Elsinore in Denmark
makes it the most frequent ferry line between Sweden and other countries. Approximately half of the trucks across
Öresund uses the ferry link.

Helsingborg has set out to become fossil free by 2030, and define their key subject as the green transition, includingrenewable
energy, energy efficiency, circular economics and climate adaptation. Helsingborg is already promoting
sustainable growth in the area by focusing on infrastructure, green transition and labourmarket issues. And with the shift
towards green public-private co-operation, as well as innovative public procurement, Helsingborg is already playing a
significant part in the Northern European green hub, an area of extraordinary business activity regarding solutions to climate
and environmental problems.

Peter Danielsson Chairman of the Municipal board City of Helsingborg says “The City of Helsingborg has a long history of
political cross-border cooperation in the STRING geography. We have a firm belief that regional cooperation is the most
important component in becoming a competitive cross-border region in a global context. As an important hub in the Scan
Med corridor, the STRING geography is our natural framework for strategic development issues.”
– Chairman of STRING, Vegar Andersen from Oslo City adds “Helsingborg is a visionary city, situated strategically important
as a traffic hub for all of Scandinavia. Furthermore, Helsingborg harbours great potential to contribute significantly to the
green hub agenda in STRING, and we are happy to welcome them as a new member of the STRING family.”

About STRING: STRING is a political member organisation for regions and cities in Northern Europe. Members work to increase connectivity, accelerate the green transition and develop the megaregion as a green hub, a globally acknowledged innovation and export center for green industrial technologies.


Contact: Viktor E. G. Zeuthen, Head of Communications.
Mobile: +45 93569364 E-mail: vze@stringnetwork.org