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STRING support for regional German railway requirements

The STRING partners in Denmark and Sweden support demands from the state governments in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg on the federal government in Berlin for a significant upgrade of the railway infrastructure on the German side of the Fehmarn Belt. This is one of the results from a political meeting in Kiel between the STRING politicians and the government as well as parliament members in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.


Train from Copenhagen to Hamburg in 2,5 hours

The STRING cooperation highlights its strong political demand for a more coordinated planning around future rail services between the Copenhagen-Malmö region and Hamburg to start as early as next year. This will ensure that the railway system is ready in time for the opening of the fixed Fehmarnbelt link in 2021.


Political conference at a crucial time

This autumn, the Danish Minister for Transport will present the Construction Act proposal for the Fehmarnbelt fixed link to the Danish Parliament. The proposal is expected to be adopted in the spring of 2015. The decision will have immense implications and value for the STRING Region over the next decades. The STRING-organised Fehmarnbelt Days Political Conference “Green Growth – Region in Motion” on 1 October 2014 could not take place at a more crucial time.


A joint strategy in the making

In 2021 the fixed link will introduce a radical improvement of regional infrastructure and a large potential for tourism growth. In this perspective, a working group consisting of representatives from the five regions within the Fehmarnbelt Region, is developing a tourism strategy called Building Tourism due this summer.


Building language skills and events

Boost language skills, joint hosting of sporting events, EXPOs, joint Olympic Games or Tour de France type-of contests, one service provider operating trains between Malmö-Copenhagen-Hamburg, mutual marketing and more information…


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