Connecting cities and regions for a greener future

We are a cross-border organisation working to create a new sustainable megaregion in Northern Europe.

Our Area


  • 4 countries
  • 7 regions
  • 5 cities
  • 3 metropolitan areas
  • 109.000 sq/km
  • 12.8 million people

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Our vision

The new megaregion

We want to create a megaregion because there is strength in numbers. We strive to be a globally acknowledged Green Investment Hub and a leading implementer of sustainable infrastructure to combat climate change while improving the lives of our citizens.

STRING is a political cross-border organisation with following members:

Key Areas

Our most important initiatives

Green Investment Hub

We want to foster an excellent business and innovation environment for low carbon economy solutions to attract investments, competencies and create sustainable growth in Northern Europe.

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Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link

We work to maximise the benefits of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, which will be a game changer in improving connectivity in our region.

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Railway: Gothenburg – Oslo

We work to improve the existing railway stretch between Gothenburg and Oslo to include double tracks.

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Fixed Links across Öresund

We work to ensure new fixed links across the Öresund to account for increased traffic flows in the wake of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link.

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Mapping of bottlenecks

We work to identify and eliminate key bottlenecks in the ScanMed TEN-T corridor between Hamburg and Oslo.

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News and Reports

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Dr. Sabine Sütterlin-Waack. Photographer: Frank Peter.


Ministerin Dr. Sabine Sütterlin-Waack neue Vorsitzende in nordeuropäischer Kooperation

Am 28. Februar übernimmt die schleswig-holsteinische Ministerin für Justiz, Europa, Verbraucherscutz und Gleichstellung, Dr. Sabine Sütterlin-Waack, offiziell den Vorsitz der politischen und transnationalen Organisation STRING. Zeitgleich gibt STRING den Stratschuss zu einer Zusammenarbeit mit der OECD, die konkrete Empfehlungen als Grundlage zur Schaffung eines nordeuropäischen grünen Silicon Valley liferen soll.


Fehmarnbelt Days ’20: Borgerfestival og konference under fri himmel

Planlægningen af de femte Fehmarnbelt Days er i fuld gang – og meget nyt er på trapperne: Arrangementet indledes med en borgerfestival inspireret af de nordiske folkemøder og fortsætter dagen efter med en klassisk konference i et stortelt under den fri forårshimmel.


The building phase of the GREAT Project is finished

Autumn of 2019 holds the most important milestone of the GREAT project. All fast chargers built within the project must be deployed according to the agreement with the EU’s Innovation and Networks Agency (INEA).


There will soon be more of us in the STRING region

The STRING Secretariat has recently updated the population numbers for the entire STRING region using official statistics for 2018/19.


How we work

All the members participate at meetings and at different level working groups to set and deliver a common agenda for the region. The STRING Secretariat forms the permanent organisation, and the Secretariat’s task is to facilitate and create the best possible framework for implementing the initiatives.

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